Common Sense

To the pantheon of the Mount Rushmore of our 4 Ideals: Equality, Opportunity, Justice and Freedom, I’d like to add Common Sense. I think Common Sense is what ultimately pushed us into full rebellion against England. I think Common Sense is an ideal worthy of zealous pursuit. Oh I know, like every ideal in our pantheon, it could have many interpretations and be applied arbitrarily. But I also believe in the wisdom of the many and I believe ‘true’ Common Sense would be arrived at without much ado.
Every time I see an 80 year old being ‘searched’ in an airport security line, or the wasteful spending on the part of some public agency, I wonder “Where is Common Sense in all this?”
Not using Common Sense is costly in time and money. So let’s bring back Common Sense as an American Ideal to strive for in every area possible. We may find we have a lot more in common while saving ourselves some time and money. Think about it.

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to blog or not to blog

i see it’s been since september that i entered a blog here. very delinquent of me. the world has changed considerably since then. I’ve been so encouraged by the Occupy Movement and how their lingo has permeated our everyday lexicon. We’re all suddenly part of the 99% and feeling a new solidarity with each other. And the new enemy is the 1%, the few who have most of the wealth and power and are using it to their advantage. The wreck of the Republican Party as we know it by the fanatics of the Tea Party and their hell-bent ideologies. Yes, lots has happened and I’ve been twirling around too bombarded to write anything down. A good friend of mine has started a wonderful blog and adds something valuable every day. He’s got the time and the generosity to share his insights often. Maybe at this time in my life, I’m still too distracted and busy to take the time to reflect and produce a piece of writing worthy of reading. I’d hoped folks would jump into this blog and add to it and keep the commentary running but alas, I see it’s me as the lone voice crying in the desert.
I hope the OWS gets to move inside for the winter and that it manages to keep the flame going. I’ll feed the fire of this blog more often and hope your patience is endless.

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the 2 camps

Just as I was getting out of bed this morning, just before I’d gained full consciousness, I had this very vivid vision of how this country is divided politically: on one side there are the folks who feel they don’t need any help and they don’t want to give any money to a government that could help others; and on the other side, the folks that realize we all in this predicament together and we need, if only from time to time, the power of the collective, the resources of the many.
I hope these two sides don’t become separated because of differing ideologies. We need to put energy into both. We need the strong, independent spirit and knowhow and individuals who can flourish on their own. We also need each other in countless ways.
Is it possible to blend these two seemingly opposed approaches to the future? We need to find a way.

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my fellows

Sorry I haven’t been here in such a long time.  I’ve been swamped and unable to get here.  I want to talk about the sense of place.  By that I mean a slow knowledge of what goes on in a certain place and its immediate surroundings.  An unconscious awareness of the weather patterns, the feelings that come with spring and the windsong in the newly leafed- out trees.  The familiarity of the changes, the feeling of  belonging  and of being home.  In contrast, we are such a mobile society.  I’ve heard the average american family moves every 4 years.  How can we learn to love a place if we dont have time to get to  know it? We are unattached and uninvolved and not interested in the places we inhabit. Too bad.

A sense of place is a prerequisite for a sustainable relationship with the natural world.  We have to have acquired over a period of time, this sense of belonging, this sense of involvement, this sense of interaction and relationship.  To dig in the soil of the land and watch the sun coarse its way across a given sky over and over is to plant one’s self in a place.

Let’s all slow way down and stay put for a while. Get into a place and learn it and love it.

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“For Good”

In the mission statement for this blog, it says “change the world for good.”  Besides meaning to change it once and for all, there’s a value judgenment involved  in deciding what is ‘good’.  I say that something is ‘good’ if it is sustainable and enhances the common ‘good’.  “Good’ for the planet enhances the common ‘good’.  Sharing and giving and collaborating enhance the common good.  Considering the future and the welfare of others enhances the common good.  Conserving enhances the common good.

Each of these ways of enhancing the common good can be done to varying degrees and in highly individualistic ways. As long as the simple intention remains the enhancement of the common good, all actions, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, will add to the common good.

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How a good idea spreads far and wide

Hello all,

I wanted to include this link in the blog.  It’s a great, simple idea, but more importantly the youtube shows how the idea was developed collaboratively and picked up and spread around.  It’s a model of how to get things done.

Now we just have to save the world from all the robber barons.

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my apologies

Sorry I haven’t been here in a while.

I’ve been thinking about the disparity between the incomes of the rich and poor and middle class in this country and how it’s growing.  I wonder how we can make the big corporations who want to be considered ‘individuals’ under the law and protected by the Constitution, pay their fair share of taxes to support our government. We can balance the budget from both ends – reduce spending and increase revenues (tax the corporations and the wealthy folks a little more).  It’s going to take this double-edged approach to take a significant bite out of our deficit. and are organizing some gatherings at certain locales to protest this unfair taxing and all the loopholes available to the rich and the corporations. Check it out.  Find a place near you and go hang out with some likeminded folks.


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the face of our enemy

ran across this today.  Meet our enemy; short sightedness and ignorance in the Houses of Power.

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wind turbine

I came across this ad today and thought it pretty cool. .

I still compare every way we generate energy to the silent, unmoving, frictionless, harmless, non-polluting PV panels sitting on my roof gathering in energy as it falls from the sky.

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a manifesto

just read this piece on the coffee party website “Lynda Park” <> and it pretty much sums up what i’ve been thinking.  This crazy experiment of self-government is a beautiful thing; certainly worth trying to preserve and I do feel it is in jeopardy.  The threats are outside the realm of political parties, although they do play their roles. The mix of power and money  is in the hands of too few and they are buying our government.

They have the money but we are many.  And now, unlike ever before, our voices can be heard.

In this age of electro link up, government by the people should work better than ever.

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